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Reference for summaton formula

  1. May 27, 2010 #1
    Hi all, I am desperately looking for a reference for a summation formula, which I have obtained with Mathematica.
    It reads
    \sum_{k=1}^\infty{\frac{(-z)^k}{[(k+1)!]^2}H_{k+2}}=\frac{1}{2z^{3/2}}\left[\sqrt{z}\left[2-3z+\pi\operatorname{Y}_0\left(2\sqrt{z}\right)\right]-2\operatorname{J}_1\left(2\sqrt{z}\right)-\sqrt{z}\operatorname{J}_0\left(2\sqrt{z}\right)\left[2\gamma+\log z\right]\right]

    where [itex]H_k=\sum_{n=1}^k{1/n}[/itex] is the k-th harmonic number, J and Y are Bessel functions and [itex]\gamma[/itex] is the Euler-Mascheroni constant. I couldn't find anything resembling the formula in any of the standard books. Of course, any hints as to how to prove the relation from scratch are also highly appreciated.

    Thank you,
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    I now managed to show that the formula is equivalent to showing that
    \int_0^1 \frac{J_0\left(2 \sqrt{z}\right)-x J_0\left(2 \sqrt{x} \sqrt{z}\right)}{(x-1) z} \, dx
    =\frac{\sqrt{z} \left(\pi Y_0\left(2 \sqrt{z}\right)+(\log (z)+2 \gamma ) J_2\left(2 \sqrt{z}\right)\right)-(\log (z)+2 \gamma +2) J_1\left(2 \sqrt{z}\right)}{2 z^{3/2}}.

    Maybe any hints on how to do this integral?:smile:

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