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Reference Material for Electromagnetics

  1. Nov 17, 2009 #1
    I am in the final year of an MEng in mechanical engineering, working on my Final Year Project. I've been designing a solenoid actuated valve for a fluid power R&D outfit, so obviously a significant section of my report will be dedicated to electromagnetics.

    The mechanical engineers at the company have a considerable body of knowledge built up mainly through trial and error and analysis using FEMM, but when it comes to the report I need to reference anything I am not claiming to be 'my own work' for reasons of plagiarism etc.

    As they don't publish research I can't directly reference the guys I've been working with, so I was hoping to be pointed in the direction of a standard text where I will find all this stuff in a form I can reference.

    To cut a long story short does anyone know a good textbook about solenoids and in particular solenoid valves?

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