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Reference request-Calculus prelims such as factorials,inequalities

  1. Mar 24, 2014 #1
    I am studying calculus, real analysis, and abstract algebra. Sometimes while solving problems in books such as Apostol's calculus I get stuck because I need to refresh my preliminaries. The preliminaries I am referring to include:

    1)inequalities involved summation upto n terms,

    2)properties of polynomials and their roots,

    And more importantly how factorials behave. As in how to solve limits involving factorials and exponentials such as e^x/x! and such kind of ratios. I wish to know how these functions such as e^x , x! , x^x etc grow.

    Could you suggest a basic book - like a pre calculus book which deals with this ? Even if it is not exactly pre-calculus its fine. Just that it should make these properties lucid. Thanks.
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