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Reference to Website Design

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    I am thinking of starting an internet business in the near future, but I only have a very limited knowledge on HTML tags, and that about all I know about web design e.g. inserting images, hyperlink.

    Can anyone please push me in the right direction (eg a reference book) so I can start to master the skills of web design and management? And is it possible to design a professional web page witout applying those expensive courses?

    Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    Try Webmonkey ( www.webmonkey.com ). They have some good resources on making a website.

    If your trying to make a very professional looking website on your first try, then I would consider paying someone to create it.
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    Yes, you can be a cheap ass like me and just buy a template. You can design something yourself from scratch, but unless you're artistic or have some experience it probably won't look at that nice. Have a look at Template Monster.
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    IMO, you should probably start with Microsoft Frontpage. A book to go along with it is 'The Complete Reference FrontPage 2000' by Martin S. Matthews. After reading this book and going through FrontPage, you should be in the right direction to having a practical, beginning grasp on web design...

    With regards to graphics, 'The Photoshop 6 Wow Book' by Linnea Dayton and Jack Davis is VERY good.

    With regards to internet business, a couple books you should consider are:

    - 'e-service' by Ron Zemke
    - 'Marketing Outrageously' by Jon Spoelstra
    - 'MindControlMarketing.com' by Mark Joyner (I didn't like this book's style... or even the author... but the book does consolidate some important things and is a very quick read).

    Here is a good website for internet business information: www.e-bc.ca[/URL]

    I hope that this helps!
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    If you need a webpage designer, just email me or pm me. I'd love to help out a fellow PhysicsForums..

    BTW, sample projects I'm working on:

    http://www.hinst.net/~tom/ciao [Broken]
    http://www.hinst.net/~tom/sviesoft [Broken]
    http://www.hinst.net/~tom/physicafx [Broken]
    http://www.hinst.net/~tom/sckoolboyhumor [Broken]
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    I think freeservers.com is the best for free templates and free hosting

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    Yes it's possible to design a professional looking website, without paying a huge sum of money,just look at that site below.

    This link should help you with all your questions..from web design to security
    http://www.digitaldeviation.net/links/ [Broken]
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    Thank guys, do you think checking out source code on different webpages is a good way to learn?
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