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Reffereed Or Not

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    Recently, I've seen a bit of controversy about references to personal work. it seems that some of this work is not refereed, as is the case with many books, articles, and with Wikopedia. As long as there is no attempt to decieve ,why disallow such references? In particular pmb_ph's posts seem to me to be interesting, and worth reading.

    Thank you.
    Reilly Atkinson
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    The mentors have been discussing those issues. Generally, the answer is..."it depends." That is, whether it is allowed or not is 1) at the discretion of the mentors of each forum as to how credible the source is, and 2) how it is being represented. For example, if a wikipedia reference is being used as "authoritative evidence" for someone's claims, we will likely not let it stand, but if someone posts it and says, "these are the views I hold, and I think this article says it better than I could type it here" then, unless it's complete crackpottery, it will probably stand.

    Also, if it is someone's personal theory, and not a peer-reviewed source, then that is what our IR forum is for discussing.
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