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Homework Help: Reflection coefficient S11 vs Resonator animation

  1. Aug 19, 2015 #1

    I'm trying to do an animation of a photon being absorbed by a resonator vs. the corresponding S11 plot being plotted against frequency. Can anyone give suggestions on how to go about this.

    upload_2015-8-19_12-57-47.png upload_2015-8-19_12-58-27.png
    As the photon goes through Vin, at other frequencies it will be reflected and probed at Vout. This is shown as staright line in the S11 plot. At resonance frequency, the photon should be absorbed into the resonator, hence no photon measured at Vout. And this is seen as a dip in the plot at the corresponding frequency.

    I have made animation for the photon moving in and out of the resonator, but not for the correctly timed plot.
    Any idea if we can do the animation for plot in matlab or powerpoint ?
    Thanks for you help !
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