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Reformed Felon needs some help

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    I have not posted to this forum in some time. I know that this forum is not really aimed at the request i'm making of the community, but I'd like a little editing help with this appeal letter I'm putting together. As you can see I'm having some difficulty in entering my local university. Would the community be so kind as to suggest where I can improve this lettter. Also If you are using microsoft word to view the attatchment please use the "Reading View" in the "view" menu. Thanks
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    I don't think you should go into your objections about how society is treating you too much. I think you should keep it short and sweet. This is what you said, but it was wrong. This is my proof to back it up. Then maybe a paragraph at most about how its been hard for you but you have changed. Thank you so much, I'm glad to write to you. God bless, Jimmi H. Recomendations from your teachers at your community college will do you alot of good. I don't see why your admissions is going to be held up for 3 years, seems too long (on purpose).
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    Thank you Cyrusabdollahi, I'll definately keep your suggestions in mind.
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    I would have thought given my previous post that this one would have sparked more interest.
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    I did read it, but don't really have anything usefull to add. I do agree with cyrusabdollahi that you maybe shouldn't go into how badly society treats ex-felons and just stick to the facts.

    Is there no professional help that you can get for something like this? I would naively hope that ample resources would be available to help ease your obvious desire to reintegrate into society.

    Anyways, best of luck to you.
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    Sadly shmoe resources/programs for ex-felons is few and far between.
    People don't really seem to care.
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