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News Reforming The Politics Section?

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    Due to reading some posts in https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=110026" I think I'd like to renew suggestion that there be a "Current Events" forum separate from a more general political forum to hopefully make this section more focused.

    Or, as I think some of you would like, Just change it to "Current Events" and lock any thread about Capitalist theory or such for being off-topic.
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    I believe the PF staff have already made a decision and given you an answer smurf.
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    Everyone's feedback and suggestions are being considered.

    I think everyone agrees that a place to discuss politics and current events here at PF is desirable. In order for it to work, we all need to keep our tempers in check. If you are upset, before you hit the send button, take a break, do something else, and cool off before you post.

    I think we've got a pretty good bunch here, but we need to keep the frustration and hostility in check.

    Anyway, we're deciding on the best way to improve P&WA so that everyone will be as happy as possible. :smile:
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    Just to let you know that you have been heard, smurf, I remembered your suggestions from a month back or whenever it was and had relayed the idea in our discussions on what to do.
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