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Stargazing Refracting telescope project

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    (ah, sorry I was not 100% sure were i should post this in the homework help or here, =/)

    I am building a telescope for a physics project and was wondering if anyone would be willing to help. I'm not sure were to begin but i do know (or think that I know) that I should build a refracting telescope versus a reflecting telescope, which would be much larger and more difficult.

    If anyone thinks they could help or if you know any good websites for making telescopes it would be much appreciated!

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    You should look into some Astronomy magazines, most of the major publications have at one point run through a "make your own telescope" guide. I'll try and find some issue numbers of ones I have.
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    Reflecting (mirror) telescopes are easier to build.
    You only have one surface to grind/polish.
    Concave surfaces are easier to test.
    Much easier to mount the mirror than a set of lenses.
    You can make the mirror out of pretty much anything stiff enough to be polished, lenses have to be made from specific glasses.
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