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Homework Help: Refraction of light at air/water interface

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    an insect hovers in a fixed position above the still water of a pond. draw a diagram to show approximately where it appears to be to a fish vertically below it.

    Okay im confused between two things ... is it going to appear at a lower height than original or will be at the same height since the fish is vertically below it so ive studied that a light ray entering a medium at right angles passes straight through it and does not bend !!
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    help !!!!!
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    The way people and most animals with two eyes deduce the distance to an object (depth perception) is by tracing the light from an object back to a source. If the object is close, you have to cross your eyes to do this. If it is very far away, almost no crossing is needed. Assume your fish has two eyes separated by some distance and figure out the light path from the insect to each eye, then trace those rays straight back to the point from which they appear to originate.
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