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Dependence of refractive index on pressure

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
Show that, in a gas (for which the refractive index is close to 1), the refractive index depends on the pressure as [tex]n_r = 1+ K\times p[/tex], and find the value of K.

2. Relevant equations

[tex]n_r = 1+ K\times p[/tex]
Clausius-Mossotti equation: [tex]\frac{\epsilon_r - 1}{\epsilon_r + 2} = \frac{\rho N_a \alpha}{3M\epsilon_0}[/tex]
[tex]\alpha^'\ = \frac{\alpha}{4\pi \epsilon_0}[/tex]
[tex]n_r = \epsilon_r^{1/2}[/tex]
3. The attempt at a solution

I wish I could do organic chemistry...
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