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Refractive Index Problem

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    I am currently undergoing advanced higher physics and my investigation is on measuring refractive index.
    I have conducted 3 experiments so far: the standard ray lamp experiment from higher and two different versions of the apparent depth method.
    However, these experiments have been simple and I was looking for any advice for another experiment.
    Thank you
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    Tom Mattson

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    Which is the standard one? Is that where you measure the angle of incidence and the angle of refraction?

    Here's another one from HyperPhysics (great site!).


    From that page, "A refracting prism is a convenient geometry to illustrate dispersion and the use of the angle of minimum deviation provides a good way to measure the index of refraction of a material." So if you can get your hands on a prism then you might be in business.
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    You may also wish to try lenses.There are several ways to measure the focal length of a lens and by measuring the radius of curvature of the lens faces and then using the lens formula...........1/f=(n-1)(1/r1+1/r2) you can calculate n.
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    Yes this is the one i was referring to.
    Thanks for the help but i was hoping to stick to the same rectangular prism i have already been using, any other ideas?
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