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Refrigeration question

  1. Jun 16, 2007 #1
    Hey All

    Suppose ur designing a refrigeration cycle. if u go to the market to choose parts for an 18000BTU/h circuit. The compressor has different ratings according to the entering temp and exit temp, then u have the thermal expansion valve which is also rated in BTU/hr depending on entry and exit pressures, the Evaporator and condenser are also rated according to the BTU/h scale depending on the evaporating and condensing temperatures..
    my question is, who sets the liquid and evaporating temperatures?
    how could i be sure that my cycle would be a high temperature cycle? or medium, or low temperature!!!
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    Sounds like a job for the Russman.
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    1) The liquid and gas phase temps are primarily determined by the characteristics of the operating fluid.
    How you implement those characteristics into your design sets the operational temps.

    2) I don't know a lot about refrigeration, but I think you need to clarify this question.
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    using R-22 for example...what my question means is that to design a refrigeration cycle u select the pieces according to capacity, but what makes sure they wil operate at a certain condensing temp and evap and not another?
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