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Regarding Backup UPS operation

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    I have a 500 VA backup UPS for my computer. Whenever I switch ON my UPS it takes around 30 seconds to come to normal (to get Green signal), till then orange light will be emitted. I think UPS is in self-test mode at that time. Is it safe to switch ON my CPU and monitor or at least my CPU before UPS coming to normal state, so that I can save that time in booting my computer.
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    I'd read the manual, but in any case, why not just leave the UPS on?
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    You are correct about the self test and yes, it is safe to turn on the PC while it is going through it. It is a battery and transfer test going on internally, so you'll be fine. However, I agree with Russ. Why, if you have a UPS, would you shut it off? Leave the UPS on in order to get the protection it offers.

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    Thanks for your replies. Actually I am using this UPS for my computer in my home, which I use only in night time. I can't switch ON my UPS all the time, because it is unnecessary.
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