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Regarding IMO

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    I wanted to know certain things about the Intl' Maths Olympiad.
    First, is the syllabus limited to Number theory,Geometry,Combinatorics and Algebra(inequalities and quadratics mostly) ? I mean is there no Calculus,Co-odinate Geometry,Vector and Complex algebra ,(considering trigo to be a part of geometry) , these are the major concepts we study in the final grades at the school ?
    Second, I have major trouble going into details of number theory and geometry, as I havent touched these for almost two years ? How do i prepare for these topics ?
    Third, In case i am preparing for an exam which is very much application based, does preparing for IMO (which i feel is pure math) a good choice ?

    Thx for any help

    PS: I do not mean to refer to Maths Olympiads only at the Intl level but also on National levels
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    ? :confused:
    Help plz !
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