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Regarding jobs

  1. Oct 25, 2009 #1
    I have searched some random physics related jobs in internet, and it says "Who May Apply: Agency Employees Only". The job was I really wanted to do when I grow up, but after me getting a Ph.D in a required subject for the job in future, is it good enough to sign up for the job? More importantly, what is agency employees thingy?
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    What you're asking about is the policy of hiring internal applicants. When a position first opens up, many companies and governmental organizations will first try to hire from within the organization itself. Sometimes this is an attempt to save money in that it's generally cheaper to shuffle current employees around until you end up with a low level position that doesn't require any hiring incentives or bonuses. Sometimes it's a mandated policy to guarantee current employees first consideration for any positions that come up.

    As far as "signing up" for a job goes - it doesn't really work that way most of the time. Outside of academia, you have to develop a marketable skill set and then find a position through a networking process.
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