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Physics Regarding postdoc

  1. Apr 19, 2016 #1
    I have worked on environmental radiation levels n determining the radioactivity in the environmental samples. I would like to do post doc in the field. I request to suggest me the posts available all over the world.
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    To be entirely honest, if you have or are completing a Ph.D. in subfield X, and are planning to obtain a postdoctoral research position in subfield X, you should already know where you should be looking for such positions. You know who are the relevant names in academia, the private sector, and government - even if you haven't already met with them in one form or another at a conference or other meeting, you are familiar with their work through the literature.
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    I would go further than Mike H by stating that the way you framed the question makes me wonder if a post doc is the right choice for you.
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    What is the reason for you choice? Postdoc is a training experience, helping you prepare for the career you wish. If you have good experience in dosimetry and you want to diversify your experiences, it's good way to find a postdoc.
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    Many conferences have a bulletin board of researcher's looking for post-docs. I believe for example AGU (although I last attended 5 years ago) had a physical whiteboard with cards on it in one of the conference centers. Higher-ed Jobs sometimes lists post-doc positions. In the long run though, I think the "break" usually comes through more selective channels, like previous post-docs, or recommendations from tour thesis advisor.
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    thank you, but i didnt get the specified results
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    It is because your question lacks the specific details. You avoided or ignored several questions/queries posted to you, such as why you don't know about where to look for such postdoc opportunities yourself.

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