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I Regarding static electricity

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    My application is for textile spinning machine where
    Rubber roller is running at a speed of 10000 rpm.
    Another rubber (stationary)is rubbing on the rubber roller surface.
    In this case cotton fibers are sticking on the surface of stationary rubber due to static electricity and over the period it starts accumulate on its surfaces which is the problem for us.
    I would like to know how to eliminate this problem. And also is there any calculation available for determine the static electricity deposition.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Can you increase the humidity?
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    Triboelectric charges are created when dissimilar materials come into contact with each other. So the static charge would not be created from a rubber-to-rubber contact (assuming they are the same rubber material).
    So the static charge is from another source. Perhaps the cotton coming into contact with the spinning rubber.

    The most common way of eliminating this kind of problem is to keep the air more humid (thus more conductive) or to add a little fabric softener to the cotton.
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    Earthed non contact comb collectors .

    Earthed conductive braid curtains .

    Earthed lightweight metal shorting rollers .

    You are essentially trying to prevent what is basically a crude Van der Graf generator from working .
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    Although comb contacts may also scrape off some cotton causing issues?

    Perhaps speak to the company that supplies the rubber rollers and ask about conductive rubber or see if they have another solution.
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    This company specializes in static control: https://www.simco-ion.com. They are experienced in applications similar to yours.
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    Rolling rubber is a antistatic polyurethane and stationary rubber is a NBR rubber ( insulator). Will there a static electricity?
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    Increasing humidity may increase the fibre stickiness
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    As triboelectric materials, all rubbers are mildly negatively charged. The polyurethane is at the very top of the list for positively charged. So that difference would be more than enough to create a static charge.
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