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Regarding the 'two-body problem' (international student)

  1. Feb 21, 2009 #1

    I have been accepted into a bunch of top 20 Ph.D. programs in math. Now my next problem is trying to figure out with my spouse how to deal with all the practicalities. The problem is that she is graduating with a masters from Oxford and is not sure yet whether she wants to apply to a Ph.D. program next fall.

    According to what I've googled up, she can get an F2 visa (after we get married), but you can't work with it. Also, she's definitely not the kind of person who would enjoy being a housemaid for a few years. According to a few sites, she can apply for a work permit with a F2 visa, but is there any realistic chance of getting it and for what period of time? Of course the job market sucks currently, but it's the same in our home country...

    Does anyone have any advice or experiences of how to deal with such a situation? I am probably going to some of the schools inside a 200km radius of NYC.
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