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Courses Registering for courses, need help

  1. May 1, 2009 #1
    So course registration is next Wednesday for me, and I've got some choices with the classes I can take next quarter. I'm a math/physics double major, and I'm looking to go to grad school in physics (theoretical). Two of my classes are fixed: Many Particle Physics (basically a 4th quarter of introductory physics: thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, etc.) and Physical Optics (an introduction to optics). Sadly, no math courses are offered, nor any other required classes except some general history requirements. As a result, about all I can do is take more physics classes. My choices are Electric and Magentic fields (first of two quarters of the standard undergrad electromagnetism sequence) and Semiconductor Materials and Devices 1 (first of a four course sequence, of which only the first is required for my major). My advisor strongly suggested that since I'm so far ahead of the sequence anyway, it would be a good idea to take the full semiconductor sequence since it would immediately guarantee me a job next summer and a TA position the following year. Now, I could take both EMag fields and semiconductors this next quarter, but that would put me at 3 labs for the quarter plus one of the hardest classes my school offers. Another option is to take the semiconductors class and put off emag till next year. Advantage of this is that I take emag 1 and 2 closer to the gre exam. The last option is that I take emag now and forget about taking semiconductors 1 till next year (probably skipping the rest of the sequence).

    If you read all that, thanks! If you have any advice, double thanks!

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  3. May 2, 2009 #2
    Hi, NruJaC
    notice that working (although depends on the type) and TAing are plus on your application for grad school. So I think that you probably want get the semiconductor sequence.
    As for E&M, well, I guess it also depends. Notice that getting an A is better than rushing through classes.
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