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Registry Editing

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    Last year, my comp got infected by a virus (cant remember which one), but one thing it did was to block all antivirus websites by editing the registry. I got rid of the virus, but I was wondering if anyone here knew how to do that. Ive tried googling it, but I just get links to software websites. I wish I knew the virus name, I could have found out what reg key it was editing.
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    Have you tried over-riding it in the browser - tools/Internet Options/Security/Trusted sites ?

    Try looking here - http://www.winguides.com/registry/

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    Instead of using the registry you can edit the hosts file on your pc:


    you can point all unwated sites to the localhost.
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    I'm not sure, are you asking how to edit the registry through an external program? This is highly dependant on what language you wish to use. It's very simple in something like Python. So which language?

    If that's not your question, what was it? You wanted to find out what registry keys the virus was editing? I have a program for that too. I don't quite understand what you want at the moment though.
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    Also in any language which can make API calls.

    If you want to remove a registry key placed by a virus the best bet is to look up that virus in a virus database. Many databases have links to fixes and descriptions of exactly what a virus does.
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