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Regression analysis on excel?

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    Does anyone know how to do a regression analysis on excel? I need to find the correlation coefficient and the coefficient of determination and I only know how to do that with a graphing calculator TI 83+
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    Re: Regression

    Two ways:
    1. use the "=LINEST()" spreadsheet function. For further instructions go to help (F1), then type LINEST.
    2. Excel Analysis ToolPak Add-In (which, if installed, will show up as an item "Data Analysis" under the "Tools" menu) has a built-in regression routine:
    A. If you see Data Analysis as an item under the Tools menu, click on it, then choose regression, then follow instructions on the dialog box that will open up.
    B. If you do not see Data Analysis under Tools menu, then you need to install it. On the menu, click on Tools then Add-Ins; a dialog box will pop up. Check the white square (□) next to the "Analysis ToolPak" item. Click OK, then go to step A above.
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