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Regressional analysis question

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    Ive been posting many questions, hopefully the alst for awhile:

    You have collected data on sales and population within a one mile radius on 12 stores of a supermarket. You determined that the adjusted coefficient of determination is 93.85%. Determine the coefficient of determination.

    I think there isnt enough info, but I guess I could be missing something
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    I am going to assume "coefficient of determination" is the R2 coefficient. See http://www.csus.edu/indiv/j/jensena/mgmt105/adjustr2.htm [Broken]. You have to determine what your n (number of observations) and k (number of Independent Variables) are. The problem you posted does not give you these.
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    n = 12 (number of stores)

    k = 1---> one independent variable, one dependent (I can asume single regression)

    also, its [tex]r^2[/tex] because its a sample
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    You're home free then, are you not?
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