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Medical Rehabilitating lungs

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    I like the conservative view of the authors, not saying this is just around the corner, and the notion is very appealing. Given challenges in gene and stem cell therapies, I wouldn't be shocked if this comes first.
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    Thanks SW,

    I passed this on to a long time friend, who has chronic sarcoidosis. We discuss issues related to health all the time. The problem is as best I understand it, that to date, anyone who receives a lung transplant (as last resort to save someone's life), within 2 years the sarcoid returns in most every case, so at best the "old treatment" gives the person more time. As one would imagine there are plenty of side effects and anti-rejection med issues to deal with too.

    Rhody... :smile:
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    This is sadly true, but time is precious and pain is fleeting.
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