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Homework Help: Related rates

  1. Jul 22, 2009 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data


    i can't think of any equation to plug the 45 degrees angle pls help.... i tried



    but i don't know the value of x when tanθ=45 degrees... do i need to set my calcu to radians or just in degrees mode then i get tanθ=y/x ---> tan45=y/x

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    First, it's θ=45 not tanθ=45. Second, if θ=45 what is the relationship between x and y? Using this relationship and x = 10 + 2t, y = 6 + 4t, can you find x and y when θ=45?

    How about putting it in for that secθ you have in
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    awww sorry hehe mistyped. it's tan45 hehe:uhh:
    i came up with this solution

    tan45=(6+4t)/(10+2t) (deg mode)

    substituting in (secθ)^2)(dθ/dt)=[x(dy/dt)-y(dx/dt)]/x^2
    i got ((cos45)^2)/7 per sec or 1/14 per sec
    is this correct? or should i set my calculator in radian mode?
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    d(sin x)/dx = cos x and d(cos x)/dx= -sin x ONLY if x is in radians. Those formulas are not valid if the angle is not in radians.
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