A Relation between Critical field H_c and critical current J_c in a type II superconductor

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Due to my lab work
I want to try map the phase space that created with critical external magnetic field H_c
and the critical current J_c through the superconductor of type II. the critical transition happen from the Abrokosov phase to the non-superconductor phase, occured by the fact that in the Abrokosov phase there is a tiny current loops stucking in pinning sites due to defects in the material, the J_c current and higher currents making a rejecting force strong enough to relese the currents loops from the pininigs and making them flow through the superconductor which creats flux that cancels the superconductivity of the material.

the material that interest me is a Type II superconductor which phase transit in high tempratures (BSCCO Bi-2223)

I want to find a theory in articles or books relating H_c and J_c by an analytic equation (or at least numeric\non-linear one), in the the critical tempraure - critical field (T_c and H_c ) the theory is well known.
but by searching there is only vague relation is known for type I superconductors between H_c and J_c.

I'll be glad for help.

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