Relation between G and g ?

  1. Relation between "G" and "g"?

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    How are "G" and "g" related?

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    I can't find this anywhere! The teacher didn't give us anything to serve as a guideline, and the internet isn't quite helping. But I do know that G is the measure of strength of the force of gravity between 2 objecs anywhere in the universe, and I know that g is the gravitational field strength at a given distance from the centre of a celestial object. How are they related?
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    Since you know what each means, how would you find "G" if you were given "g"? (Or "g", given "G"?) What properties do you need?

    Start by giving the equations you would use to find the force for each, then assume those forces are equal (as in, you are looking for the force exerted between a celestial object and another mass, and you are finding it two different ways).
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