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Relation between price and time in the sharemarket/futures markets

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    is there any relation between price and time in the sharemarket/futures markets ect?
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    Statistical methods (linear and non-linear predictions) can be used to predict the future share market, which i think has been quite carefully written in macro-economic textbooks and economic statistics textbooks. However,.....

    There are more on this topic but first of all, tell me what you are doing.
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    elliot and Gann

    All i know is stuff about Elliot and Gann methods of prediction, and i was wondering if there was any time/price analysis methods (although gann is kind-of-one). What do you know about them? Where can you learn them?
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    I am sorry, you questions can be best answered in google groups ABOUT APPLIED COMPUTING's rather than in social sciences or economics forums.

    Good luck, and as a final note, google is your friend, she is just a click away.
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    whereabout in google do i find this and is it a forum?
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    Hello, I now run into a similar problem but about stock evolution which is quite hard to me since I am not an economics student and I still havent been able to grasp the meaning of its equations yet.
    Could anyone tell me some new mathematical models that are in use right on this kind of fascinating topic I am presently interested in?
    Thanks a lot for your help ?
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    hey, you wanted to learn about economics. So read about it! :biggrin:
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    Ok, I think you are contradicting the first explanation with your second question,
    These things that are to be more understandable should be started with the basic models, i.e the so-called Neo-classical model or well-known Solow Growth Model, especially if income predictions are teh main topic of the discussion. It is not stock evolution as mentioned but evolution of capital stock which I think is pretty different in meaning anyway...Another model you might find yourself interested is Ramsay-Cass-Koopman, all of which are mostly related to investment together with growth theories, and sure there are a lot of applications using dynamic programming, optimizations with GA, datamining algorithms, neural network etc to prove which one is the best model, which plan gives best benefit...and even explain the reasons why there is a big difference between incomes of various people from countries to countries by mathematical models and simulated graphs..
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