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Homework Help: Relation between the matrix elements of the density matrix

  1. Apr 8, 2017 #1
    Hi. I must prove that, in general, the following relation is valid for the elements of a density matrix

    [tex] \rho_{ii}\rho_{jj} \geq |\rho_{ij}|^{2}. [/tex]

    I did it for a 2x2 matrix. The density matrix is given by

    [tex] \rho = \left[ \begin{array}{cc} \rho_{11} & \rho_{12} \\ \rho^{\ast}_{12} & \rho_{22} \end{array}\right]. [/tex]

    Now, the trace of the square of the density matrix is

    [tex] \rho_{11}^2 + \rho_{22}^{2} + 2|\rho_{12}|^{2} \leq 1 \\ (\rho_{11} + \rho_{22})^2 + 2|\rho_{12}|^{2} - 2\rho_{11}\rho_{22} \leq 1[/tex]

    Because the sum of the diagonal elements of the density matrix is 1 we have that

    [tex] |\rho_{12}|^{2} \leq \rho_{11}\rho_{22} [/tex]

    This is what I've done so far but I have no idea how to prove it in the general way of

    [tex] \rho_{ii}\rho_{jj} \geq |\rho_{ij}|^{2}. [/tex]

    If, for example, the density matrix is a 3x3 matrix this means that this inequality is valid for any two elements of the diagonal. Do you know how can I approach this? Thank you.
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