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Relation vs Constant

  1. Jan 10, 2010 #1
    Hello, im doing an experiment for my school project.
    Its goin to be a very fantastic one !
    so my goal is to find either a relation or a constant for my alarm clock.

    My alarm clock is one of thoes classic and ordinary ones where you have to
    rotate the spring by hand.

    i think it will be relatively easy to see the relation on how many times the metal rod at the top will tick from left to right for the number of rotations i make in the spring.

    but im not sure about the constant part. What will i be finding the constant for? the spring?
    the force? the gears ? can someone in this area of expertise please help me find out what i need to solve for and also the equation needed to find the constant.

    Im also open for any opinions that will hopefully make this experiment more interesting.
    most of all, is this experiment possible ? Thanks.
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