I Relational Hidden Variables (Real ensemble or thermal?)

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Smolin's relational hidden variables show that realism doesn't mean going back to newtonian mechanistic dynamics.

I have a question.

Is it possible to be an anti-realist and realist at the same time?

Remember Smolin declaration that "Some anti-realists believe that the properties we ascribe to atoms and elementary particles are not inherent in those objects, but are created only by our interactions with them, and exist only at the time when we measure them."

What if this occurs because the universe is only an information system? For example. When writing computer simulation. You don't have to put many stuffs or information in each pixel (that is you don't put the state vectors in each particle itself). The properties are not in each object. But only the properties created by the character interaction with them. In such interpretation is it anti-realist or realist? Or combination of anti-realist (properties are not inherent in the objecs) and realist (because there is a mechanism why it occurs because the universe is a simulation comprising of very complex information processes)?
What if this occurs because the universe is only an information system?
This is getting to the point where it is going to run afoul of the PF rules on personal speculation.

Thread closed.

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