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Relational Quantum Mechanics

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    I throw this out to see if any forum participants have come across this idea or have opinions on it:

    A while back I was pleasantly surprised to find a reference to an interpretation of QM which I had not seen before. Due to physicist Carlo Rovelli (of loop quantum gravity fame), I found it to be very thought-provoking and philosophically appealing.

    Called relational quantum mechanics, it interprets QM by rejecting the idea that quantum systems really exist in isolation absolutely, and says instead that they really only exist as they relate to another system. The interaction between systems is the “real” entity. By taking this approach, a consistent quantum description of an entire world is possible which seems to avoid the problems of other interpretations. The world is a network of interactions. The slogan for how this addresses the measurement problem might be “Everything measures everything else”. I refer you to the Stanford Philosophy Encyclopedia entry for a fuller description.
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