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Relational theories

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    Any suggestions on where I can find general descriptions of relational theories please?
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    Please define the type of relativity your interested in heraing theories about, and I might try and give you mine.

    A complete thought on the subject, and only a few lines of that would be nice.

    You did ask for relativity theories right ? Or are you talking about people relations ?
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    Oh here's my theory. It is the set of geometry(Points, lines, planes), and newton's third law.

    I read Einstein did not refute Newton. As well. Today's physics try to include Einstein in they're ideas. So, my theory fits in quite well in comparison with other peoples efforts on the matter. It seems it all comes down to something you can see. Geomety fills that requirement very well.

    Here's the link.

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v83/cjsKtU/Hi.jpg [Broken]
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    The link you provided is dead.

    Your theory sounds like a form of Pantheism of some sort. I would recommend looking up Asian philosophy, pantheism, and contextualism. However, I warn you these are all quite broad fields of study. If you could describe more I might be able to help narrow it down a bit.
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    Hey man. I deleted it is why.

    But here it is in what pityful glory it has. Read it with patience, because people agree, but always ask more questions that I didn't when making this. Nit picking.

    I think you should read this knowing I'm not gonna evolve this. This iss it !

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    Here's my Quantum Mechanics theory/simplification.

    Read this with a eye on the uncertainty fact about QM.

    Edit. Here's the funny face. :yuck:
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    Do you mean in the sense that wholeness is perfection and, that everything is relative with respect to the whole? Here's a thread I started on another forum called, What is Perfection? if you're interested.
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