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Relationship problems .

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    Relationship problems.....

    AAaaaaarrrgh..... If you're in love with someone every time that you're drunk, does that mean that you're definitely in love with them? What if they don't talk science with you but you still think you're probably in love with them, but goddamn it, they just don't talk science?
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    lol well, if you dont love them when your sober, i dont think you actually do love them.

    And you just have to decide if you can love them whether they talk about science or not, all personal feelings.
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    I think that you should come over to my place for a drink... as long as you promise not to explode. :wink:
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    I think your place is probably a little too far away to come over for a drink and I'm terribly chaste so perhaps you wouldn't enjoy it o:) . I really want to write a story about frogs exploding because someone suggested that she/life/frogs were being expanded because someone suddenly thought maybe we're being expanded and so all of a sudden things started expanding, but I don't know where to start but how cool would that story be? Like all the laws of physics dictate, rather than depend on, everything? Don't steal this, I'll write it and it'll be the best story ever.
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    Hmmmm... I just read my last post and realised it makes no goddamn sense at all. This is because I am drunk again, despite my vow to the contrary. It's alright though, cos I'm going to write a really cool story and I'm absolutely not going to act upon any drunken feelings of love that I may feel I have only when I'm drunk so everything is good. Ish.
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    I think you're in love with that bottle you're clutching and sucking on.
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    She/life/frogs/ are actually expanding; the whole universe is expanding. And not just like things are getting farther away from each other, the fabric of the universe itself is expanding.

    Scientific American elaborates:
    "When some familiar object expands, such as a sprained ankle or the Roman Empire or a bomb, it gets bigger by expanding into the space around it. Ankles, empires and bombs have centers and edges. Outside the edges, there is room to expand into. The universe does not seem to have an edge or a center or an outside, so how can it expand?

    A good analogy is to imagine that you are an ant living on the surface of an inflating balloon. Your world is two-dimensional; the only directions you know are left, right, forward and backward. You have no idea what "up" and "down" mean. One day you realize that your walk to milk your aphids is taking longer than it used to: five minutes one day, six minutes the next day, seven minutes the next. The time it takes to walk to other familiar places is also increasing. You are sure that you are not walking more slowly and that the aphids are milling around randomly in groups, not systematically crawling away from you.

    This is the important point: the distances to the aphids are increasing even though the aphids are not walking away. They are just standing there, at rest with respect to the rubber of the balloon, yet the distances to them and between them are increasing. Noticing these facts, you conclude that the ground beneath your feet is expanding. That is very strange because you have walked around your world and found no edge or "outside" for it to expand into.

    The expansion of our universe is much like the inflation of a balloon. The distances to remote galaxies are increasing. Astronomers casually say that distant galaxies are "receding" or "moving away" from us, but the galaxies are not traveling through space away from us. They are not fragments of a big bang bomb. Instead the space between the galaxies and us is expanding. Individual galaxies move around at random within clusters, but the clusters of galaxies are essentially at rest. The term "at rest" can be defined rigorously. The microwave background radiation fills the universe and defines a universal reference frame, analogous to the rubber of the balloon, with respect to which motion can be measured.

    This balloon analogy should not be stretched too far. From our point of view outside the balloon, the expansion of the curved two-dimensional rubber is possible only because it is embedded in three-dimensional space. Within the third dimension, the balloon has a center, and its surface expands into the surrounding air as it inflates. One might conclude that the expansion of our three-dimensional space requires the presence of a fourth dimension. But in Einstein's general theory of relativity, the foundation of modern cosmology, space is dynamic. It can expand, shrink and curve without being embedded in a higher-dimensional space.

    http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?articleID=0009F0CA-C523-1213-852383414B7F0147&sc=I100322 [Broken]
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    Math Is Hard

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    Have you been dating pirates, again? You know they're not into science. All they care about is rum and the sea farin' hearty life. :tongue2:
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    Unless you misspelled 'chased', you're probably right. :frown:
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    Leave her alone, she's UKish. She's probably still recovering from my birthday...
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    :rofl: Ouch, my head, don't make me laugh. I'm embarrassed about this thread... Don't drink and post.
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    You think that's bad? I woke up on Sunday morning with vague memories of having my coursemate's bleeding thumb shoved into my mouth.
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    I drunkenly punched a boxer on the chin on Friday. Not a smart move. It was the first time I ever punched anyone. I'm quite good at it. It was also the first time I've been grabbed by the throat and thrown into a window too.... This could turn into a stupid-things-you've-done-when-you're-drunk thread, that'd be great.
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    :rofl: The dangers of scanning instead of reading...

    I almost exploded myself when I read (i.e. scanned) this article. I thought they were trying to say that the universe is expanding because ankles are swelling and the Roman Empire is expanding, and they need space to expand into.

    Then I thought they were saying that the aphids on the balloon were expanding along with the space between them. (which is not true).
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    This is what passes for a relationship problem these days?

    Love doesn't exist. Simply the urge to breed. When you're drunk you're less likely to restrain yourself. That's about all.
  17. May 2, 2005 #16
    That's maybe a bit like saying a sense of humour doesn't exist, simply the urge to communicate.
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    I agree with Franz on this one.
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    Nerdy answer:
    It's also a bit like saying the Earth doesn't exist, only atoms.

    I think you're arguing that what many define as love does not have a "primal" physiological basis. But that's not the same as not existing.

    Non-nerdy answer:

    Bladibla and Franz have both fallen out of the rejection tree and hit every branch on the way down. They should get together and console each other. They might find love. :biggrin:
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    We both might have the same problems (or benefits, why not?) indeed, but the causes aren't the same..(i think)

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    Nope. I'm arguing that it is nothing more than that primal physiological basis.

    o_O (wasn't a proper smiley for the expression)

    I would like to know how you can presume to know me so well. Especially when my reasons for this belief are rather well explained in other threads around here (even if you don't agree with me).
  22. May 2, 2005 #21
    Call me pedantic but if you're arguing that love is "nothing more than that primal physiological basis" then you're not saying it doesn't exist, just that it's not this magic special thing that everyone thinks it is, which the small part of me that's not a hopeless romantic agrees with. You have to admit it exists though, millions of people feel it all the time.
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    No, because love is usually defined as something "magical". And that does not exist. Perhaps it would be better if i say "true love" does not exist, to avoid the ambiguity.
  24. May 2, 2005 #23
    I kind of agree with you, and may god strike me down if I ever say "I believe in love," but even though love's mostly misunderstood and misrepresented, and there's lots of other stuff that gets mistaken for it (like drunken affection :rolleyes: ) it's still there somewhere.
  25. May 2, 2005 #24
    Its not even drunk affection, its hormones and lowered inhibitions.
  26. May 2, 2005 #25
    all I've gotten from this thread is more proof of why not to drink when i turn 21. I just want to thank you all for that.
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