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Homework Help: Relationships with Frequency

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    Two masses will be tied together with a string and a “horizontal” mass will be swung in a horizontal circle while the “vertical” mass provides the tension force on the string . This experiment will have 3 trials, each with its individual 4 experiments. During each one of the trials, there will be 2 constants and 1 variable, which will constantly change for the 4 experiments within the trial.

    I have the derive the relationship between frequency and:
    the radius of a circle
    the horizontal mass.


    1) The tension of the string is directly proportional to the vertical mass that is hung from the cord. If the mass increases, so will FT and if the mass is decreased, so is the force of tension. Also, a hypothesis can be made that if the tension force decreases, so will the frequency, which in turn will increase the period. This will happen because the tension on the string provides a lower centripetal force to the centre of the circle. Because of this, the horizontal mass will have a longer duration per revolution, and since frequency is 1/T, the frequency will decrease.

    2) This one is easy, less distance to travel.

    3) For the horizontal mass, the lighter the horizontal mass, the faster the frequency. They are inversely proportional to each other. This is due to the low centripetal force needed to constantly accelerate the object to the centre.

    So, what do you guys feel about this. I know its not much, but I am finding this kind of tricky lol.

    Thanks guys!
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