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Relative atomic mass of an element ?

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    relative atomic mass of an element ????

    A sample of neon was found to cotain 90.9% of 20Ne, 0.26% of 21Ne, & 8.8% of 22Ne, Calculate the relative atomic mass of neon.
    this is what i'v done so far (90.9x 20)+ (0.26x21)+(8.8x22)= 2017/?
    i dont know what to devide it by :confused: ??? I'm not given a mass spectra?
    why r relative atomic masses for some elements not whole numbers, is it because they r isotopes????
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    Divide by 100.

    That will get you 20.17

    Yes, they are not whole numbers because of isotopes. That's what you're taking account for by finding the relative atomic mass.
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    Thanx, i did the question again and i got 20.16 this is what i did (90.9/100x20)+(0.26/100x21)+(8.8/100x22)= 20.16
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    Either way works. :)
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