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Relative Detectors

  1. Jun 23, 2005 #1
    are what observers are, they operate within a 3+1 Spacetime, they cannot 'detect' a single photon..a single Atom...or a finite speck of dust in some cases.

    How does a Relative Observer catch a Q-Bit that is many orders of Magnitude smaller than a 'speck' of dust, and most than likely have No Detectable size?

    Using Quantum devices, how does the signal transcend across from a Sub-Dimension less than 2-D?..into the realms of Relative Observation?

    P.S in a Seth Lloyd article, he proposes that a Q-BIT can be correlated within a "Quantum" Standard Limit, whilst at another instance, they can be un-correlated and interact within a 4-D spacetime?

    I thought QM was not a Time Dependant THEORY!
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