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Homework Help: Relative frequency

  1. Dec 25, 2009 #1
    The problem i have seems very easy but i am just not sure.
    There is a number of calls per hour ( from 8-12) received by customer service.

    Mon 1,3,0,5
    Wed 2,0,0,1
    Fr 4,2,1,0

    So now what is the relative frequncy for n calls per hour? Total number of calls is 19. So for n=5 it is 1/19 =5.2%. For n=2 it is 2/19= 10.5%. And for n=0 it is 4/19 = 21%?? Is it right with the zero?

    Is the mean value of calls 19/12=1.5 per hour?

    To calculate the probability of having 2 calls is it enough to stick the mean value and the 2 into the poissons formula?
    Would appreciate the help.
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