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Relative Max and Domain

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    In class today we were doing a problem where we were given the graph of f (the derivitive of F).

    The domain was -3<x < or = 8

    f(8)=0 and f had changed from positive <8 to 0, indicating a probable relative max (the function looked like a sinusoid, but the points after 8 were not graphed or included in the domain)

    Therefore my question is, is 8 a relative max of F in that domain? or is not enough info there (i.e. it could have just bounced)?

    My reasoning for it being a rel max is that it is a max value in the window.

    What do you think?
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    It is a relative maximum IN THAT DOMAIN. As long as the domain of F is -3 to 8, what happens for x> 8 is irrelevant: NOTHING happens because F is not defined for x> 8.
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