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Homework Help: Relative Motion problems

  1. Oct 7, 2008 #1
    If you are an observer standing still, what can you say about the relative velocity of an object moving toward you? If you are moving toward an object that is also moving?

    Vyg + Vog = Vyo

    I believe that the answer would simply be that the velocity of the object moving toward you is negative. Is there more to that answer? If you are moving toward an object that is also moving, I believe that the velocity of the object approaching you, as well as your own velocity, would seem greater.
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    They are asking not only about the direction of the object's velocity, but also it's relative magnitude. Compared to when you are not moving, do you see the object move faster or slower when you move toward it?

    It seems that you have already asnwered this question near the end of your post. Just remember, you perceive yourself at rest in both these situations.
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