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Relative motion question again

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    I really need help with this question

    A swimmer who achieves a speed of 0.75 m/s in still water swims directly across a river 72 m wide. The swimmer lands on the far shore at a position 54 m down stream from the starting point.
    a)Determine the speed of the river current.
    b)Determine the swimmer's velocity relative to the shore.
    c)Determine the direction the swimmer would have to aim to land directly across from the starting position.

    I did (a) and (b).
    For (a) i got 0.5 m/s
    For (b) i got 0.94 m/s

    I have no idea what so ever how to do (c). Can anyone please atleast help me with this one??
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    Make this problem into a triangle and try inverting the angle.
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