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Homework Help: Relative motion question

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    I really need help with these questions they are too hard.

    Anyways the question is:

    A helicopter travels with an air speed of 55 m/s. The helicopter heads in the direction [35 degrees N of W]. What is velocity relative to the ground if the wind velocity is (a) 21 m/s [E] and (b) 21 m/s [22 degrees W of N]?

    I need to converst the speeds to velocity but i dont have time to convert them to displacements. So can anyone please help me?
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    I figure it should take you about 10 minutes if you do it by hand, 5 if you use a calculator. Since that amount of time has already passed, it's clear that it is too late for me to help you!
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    Ummm i have all day to wait for an answer
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