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Relative perspective

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    Yeah okay I have read father Janus and heeded to his judgment. The grounding of basic physics is a must and if you are looking for fact then it's best you look at other posts.

    Considering that a person is moving, faster than another; One an only deduce through empirical evidence that as far as the law of relativity is concerned.. these objects are merely moving apart from one another. That one shall turn and move towards the other again is supposed to denote a change in relative time perspective or time speed, according to relativity theory.

    That light is constant, does not mean that time has to be variable. If time were variable would light have to be constant? Consider for a moment that what you see, is not what you see... and that what you are judging your suppositions on is not the empirical evidence you believe it to be. Wonder for a moment that the light that is so constant, tricks you, and the star that appears to move in a straight line across the heavens really moves in a convex trajectory towards and away from our all seeing eyes.

    That is all for now...

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    quit smoking pot before you write on these forums, your not only disagreeing with Einstein, but with Newton too. Velocity is a vector of speed and direction.
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