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Relative-state or many worlds theroy

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    I am greatly interested in everything this theory holds, more out of interest and curiously then how relative or correct it may be. And as i do this research on my own i find that on my own i stay:rolleyes: lol. Many worlds theory is just a topic for when I'm in solitude, family and friends find no interest to discuss ,and it is always best to converse and hold a dialog to further help understand something that, on your own, my appear unclear. so i had decided to create this thread for my benefit as well as others with any range of interest in this theory.

    But as for my first 2 uncertainties i would like to understand more clearly are; measurements/reversible measurements..

    1. measurements being and interaction of a subsystem with another subsystem
    I only get the outer meaning of this, and i want to know more in the detail of what is a "interaction" and what would truly qualify as "subsystem". If possible, examples would be greatly appreciated :smile:

    2. reversible measurements
    all measurements are irreversible so I'm not quite sure what a reversible measurement is.
    in an example i have came across on the internet was an explosion and with an infinite amount of compression,all though impossible, but ,its all hypothetical, can be reversed making it a reversible measurement but in all reality its not. Could you help make that more clear? if so i thank you in advance.

    And for how this relates to the Many Worlds theory is a one world is split when a thermodynamic irreversible measurement has taken place, and if i could find a better understanding of what a reversible measurement is and what qualifies as a measurement, i could understand when a world splits. :smile: Thank you again for your help
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