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Homework Help: Relative velocities

  1. Apr 4, 2013 #1
    Source: Engineering Mechanics Dynamics - Hibbeler
    My friends and I have discussed and have no idea how to solve.
    So we looked at the textbook.

    We were told to use this equation.


    In this equation, A/B means 'A respect to B'
    Also, the equation is derived based on an intermediate frame attached to point B, which is rotating at [itex]\omega[/itex].

    In the textbook's solution below, however, the intermediate frame is attached to point B, but the [itex]\omega[/itex] is to the right of the frame (the centre of the prescribed circle). The [itex]\omega[/itex] is no longer about the frame through point B.

    Hence, we have our suspicious of the textbook solution.
    Anyway has got any idea if we're wrong, or is the textbook wrong?

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    ω is the same everywhere in a rotating frame.
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