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Homework Help: Relative velocity problem

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    could you solve this physics problem
    an aeroplane is flying in a triangular course of order. the length of each side of the triangle is " a " km and the wind is blowing along its one side with velocity u km/hr . prove that the areoplane will take a*sq.rt of 3(sq.rt of 3 +1)/2u hour to complete the full course of order. the modulus of velocity of the aeroplane relative to wind is root 3 times the modulus of the
    velocity of the wind
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    Can you solve this problem without the wind?

    If so, then just keep in mind that the aeroplane's velocity is reduced, or enlargened, by the wind depending on direction. Just draw the triangle, and the direction the aeroplane should be travelling. Draw the aeroplane's velocity, and the wind's velocity, and add them together, breaking up the vectors into x and y components
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    Chi Meson

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    Hint: it's easier without a calculator. Really. Waht triangle features "root 3"?
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    thank u guyz but i have already tried that out
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