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Homework Help: Relative Velocity Question

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    Hey i would appreciate if some1 is able to help me out here... this is the question:
    A pilot wants to fly her plane to a lake that is 250.0km [N30.0'E] from her starting point. The plane has an air speed of 210.0km/h, and a wind is blowing from the west at 40km/h.
    a) Calaculate in what direction should she head the plane to fly directly to the lake
    b) If she uses the heading determined in (A), what will be her velocity relative to the ground?
    It seems simple but the answer to the question is not the same one that i am getting. (Answer in the book is a) N20.5'E
    & the answer to (B) is:
    b) 227 km/h [N30.0'E]
    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Is this on a flat Earth or on a sphere?
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    Doc Al

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    What does [N30.0'E] mean? 30 degrees north of east? or 30 degrees east of north?
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