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I Relative velocity time dilation

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    I have a question regarding time dilation due to relative velocity. (It's just about time dilation due to velocity not about gravitational effects.)

    I have seen a theory where time dilation is not relative, but always considered against an absolute frame of reference. The absolute frame of reference is given by the origin of an inertial frame with zero total momentums. Time dilation is calculated in the normal way, but the velocity is always referred to the absolute frame. (This means that there is a state of absolute rest and motions of inertial frames of reference relative to the absolute frame can be measured.)

    Of course, this theory is in disagreement with special relativity. Since the velocity of the earth is about 369 km/s - taken from cosmic microwave background - there should be experiments with are in disagreement with this theory.

    For example I had a look here: "Optical Clocks and Relativity" C. W. Chou, D. B. Hume, T. Rosenband, D. J. Wineland. However, due to the "harmonic motion" in this experiments, I found that the results are in agreement with the theory. (First order effects are the same for both theories and second order effects are too small to see them.)

    There are many other experiments about time dilatation. Are there experiments which disprove this theory?

    (Sorry for my spelling and grammatical errors.)
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    "I have seen a theory" is not acceptable reference under the Physics Forums rules - you have to be able to point to something that has undergone some level of peer review so that it is clear what this theory you're asking about is.

    There's no way of answering that question until we know what theory you're asking about. However, you may want to review this FAQ on experimental support for relativity, see if you can find what you're looking for there: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/faq-experimental-basis-of-special-relativity.229034/

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