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Relativistic Dynamics, Action at a Distance, & Field Theory

  1. Jan 20, 2012 #1
    PREAMBLE: I'm not asking you to do this for me, just point me to some CLEAR references.

    THE PROBLEM: I am trying to understand the differences between Action-at-a-distance (AAAD) and Field theory. I am trying to better understand relativistic dynamics and the relativistic 2-body problem. I'd like to do 3 items:

    1)A clear def'n of AAAD (that does not use the term "field"). Paraphrasing various definitions, I typically see that an example of AAAD relates to a "field", such as the gravitational "field" or the electrical "field".
    2)A clear def'n of a field.
    3)A table that contrasts AAAD and fields. For example:

    ITEM, AAAD, Field
    Dgrs of Freedm, 3N, Infinite,
    Momentum, Mechanical, body to body, Field momentum
    Mechanics,,, Hamiltonian, Lagrangian

    Clearly, I am struggling to find the right words and phrases, and I understand there is some overlap in definitions and I understand that I have not clearly specified the items in the rows.

    Thanks for any help or references you can give.

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