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Relativistic light aberration and backwards moving horizon

  1. May 14, 2010 #1
    Hi. I saw a video on youtube by some university which is supposedly rendered on a supercomputer. It sets C at 1m/s and then the clip runs down a compute generated street while the speed climbs to C. As it goes it introduces light aberration, doppler effect, and then the headlight effect.

    After that clip it show a flyby and a fly through of a hollow cube type object which demonstrated the terrell rotation effect more clearly.

    I think the video is awesome. These are just optical 'effects' due to the speed of light, but it's fascinating.

    What i didn't understand was that when the viso first starts, and lines perpendicular to the direction of travel start to curve, the distance/horizon, appears to move backwards.
    Why is this?
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